Frequently Asked Questions

I can't swim very well, can I still come to the swim sessions?

Yes, all abilities are catered for but you must be able to swim 50m in any stroke style. Our swim coaches can help develop and improve your swimming ability. The Tuesday night coached swim session would be best. You may come along and enjoy a free taster session. After that you will be able to attend 3 further consecutive weeks but pay a fee of £6 per session. If you attend any further weeks, you will be charged a fee of £10 per session, alternatively you are welcome to join the club and benefit from reduced swim fees of just £4.


I can't run very quickly, will I be able to keep up with a run session?

No one gets left behind at any of the run sessions whether they are coached or not. There are two coached sessions a week a track-based one on a Monday and a road-based session on a Thursday. Both cater for all abilities. Fees are payable for the Monday night track session as follows £2 per member £5 per guest.


How old do I need to be to join?

An individual needs to be 16 years of age or over to join the club's adult section.

Do I need to buy club branded equipment or accessories if I become a member?

No you do not have to, but it is great to be seen to be part of such a vibrant club and our strip is very distinctive - this helps supporters and spectators offer encouragement.


Do I have to take part in all the coached and uncoached training sessions?

No, you can attend any or all of the sessions, depending on your training goals and time availability.


Who can give me advice on what equipment to buy?

It is quite common for members to ask other members about equipment, the best place to do this is via the club's facebook page 'Rugby Triathlon Club'. Alternatively, the club's shopping partners are also very good sources of information.


Do I have to join the British Triathlon Federation?

No, but there are many benefits to joining. The main one being insurance while racing and training.The BTF website will explain more