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Bad Weather Forces Change to Aquathlon

Seventeen junior triathletes were represented at the Warwickshire Children’s Triathlon event at Kineton High School on June 7th  Bad weather, just as the event was due to start, had saturated the cycle course so that the format was changed from a triathlon to an aquathlon.

The best placed competitor was Grace Darcy who won the Tri Start girls age group by completing the 50m swim and 600m run in 05:17. While all who entered tried hard, the two club captains James Austin and Holly Glover demonstrated their ‘true grit’ by beating opponents at the finish line.

Full results for the 17 are:

TriStart (7/8 years) - 50m swim/600m run

1st girl                         Grace Darcy                                      5:17

5th girl                         Heather Gallacher                             7:40

5th boy                        Luke Broomhead                               6:46

6th boy                        Josef Leugs                                      6:55

Tri Star 1 (9/10 years) - 100m swim/1200m run

10th girl                       Erin Darcy                                       11:07

24th girl                       Hannah Lawrence                             13:46

8th boy                        Charlie Glover                                  10:01

10th boy                      Oliver Scott                                     10:37

17th boy                      Matthew McQuillan                           12:47

Tri Star 2 (11/12 years) - 200 swim/1800m run

18th girl                       Cara McQuillan                                17:57

19th girl                       Megan Gallacher                             20:32

17th boy                      James Austin                                  14:31

 24th boy                      Benjamin Leugs                              17:21

26th boy                      Oliver Smith                                    17:56

Tri Star 3 (13/14 years) - 300m swim/2400m run

6th girl                         Holly Glover                                    19:45

13th girl                       Hannah Reynolds                             25:20

12th boy                      Adam Smith                                     18:40


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