Membership Policy


Purpose of This Policy

This policy details the membership of the adult section of Rugby Triathlon Club.

This policy does not provide details of the membership of Rugby Junior Triathlon Club (whose committee, as a delegated subcommittee of the Club, manages its membership independently).
Members of the Junior Club who are not members of the Adult Club may participate in adult training sessions as detailed in the Young Member Participation policy.

For any queries relating to this policy contact:

Code of Conduct, Inclusion and Non-discrimination

Rugby Triathlon Club welcomes athletes of all abilities, regardless of sex, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion or other beliefs. However, limitation of membership according to available facilities is allowable on a non-discriminatory basis (in line with the Club Constitution).

Adult members will be expected to comply with the Club’s Code of Conduct and the Club’s Complaints and Disciplinary Policy.

Membership year

The full membership year runs from January 1st to December 31st each year.

Membership Options

Rugby Triathlon Club offers two payment levels for regular adult membership:

  • Standard membership is available to anyone not eligible for Concession membership
  • Concession membership is available to the following groups:
    • Persons aged over 60
    • Persons aged under 18
    • Persons aged over 18 in full-time education
    • Persons in receipt of Government benefits

Rugby Triathlon Club offers two entry points for regular membership:

  • Full-year (available to anyone to whom Half-year membership is not available).
  • Half-year (available when joining after July 1st, only available to new members or those whose membership has lapsed for more than 12 months).

In line with the Club Constitution, the following guidelines should be noted:

  • Members aged 18 and over are eligible to vote in club matters (e.g. at an AGM or EGM) and may stand for election to the club management committee.
  • Members aged under 18 are not eligible to vote in club matters and may not stand for election to the club management committee.

Other Membership Types

  • Life membership is offered to members in recognition for services to the club and/or achievements in triathlon as a club member.
    As such, this membership option is not available for general purchase. Life members are eligible to vote in club matters.
  • Honorary membership is offered in recognition for achievements in triathlon.
    As such, this membership option is not available for general purchase.
    Honorary members are not normally eligible to vote in club matters, unless they have opted to pay for membership or they have undertaken a role on the management committee (for which the membership fee would be waived for a regular member, therefore in such circumstances an Honorary member would also be considered a regular member with voting rights during that time).

Membership Fees

The RTC Management Committee will review membership fees and structure each year for approval at the AGM.
The Management Committee may waive membership fees in exceptional circumstances.

Membership Information

On joining (or re-joining) members will receive an information pack (which may be sent electronically) which will include information about membership benefits, Club Championship races, the annual awards, National Relays, training sessions and fees, the current Management Committee, shopping partner benefits, the Club Code of Conduct and the Complaint and Disciplinary Policy.

Membership Benefits

Being an adult member of RTC brings the opportunity to join other related national organisations, for example, England Athletics and Cycling Time Trials.
The Management Committee will review these memberships each year to ensure they benefit a sufficient number of members to justify the cost of club affiliation.

Photography Consent

If a member does not want to feature in any club related photography, then it is that members’ responsibility to absent themselves.
The Club will take reasonable steps to ensure that only those who have given permission for photography are included in any photos that are used in marketing, press and online situations.

Any member taking photos has the responsibility to ask if anyone does not wish to be included in the photo prior to the picture being taken.
The Club will seek the permission from individuals for the use of their image(s) in any club promotional material.