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Organised chaos

This weekend was “organised chaos” at the HUUB National Relays. Clubs and groups from across the country descend on the National Water Sports Centre in Nottingham to race in teams of 4.

Some clubs take it very seriously, but Rugby Triathlon Club take a much more light-hearted approach to the whole event compiling teams not to win outright but to finish as close to each other as possible. It makes for some great inter-club racing and makes for a great afternoon in the sun.

With temperatures getting close to 30C the racing was always going to be difficult in the heat and many suffered on the run leg. Luckily the Erdinger was free flowing which is a great electrolyte for the racing triathlete! The winning team finished in 4:03:15, consisting of Laura McCysrtal, Jim Gibbs, Daniel Clarke and Tee Aigoro. All 7 teams finished within 30 minutes of each other though, a great day out!!

The previous weekend Steph Seeley absolutely smashed Kalmar Ironman in Sweden. She completed her long distance triathlon event to come second in her age group, an outstanding achievement. She had a couple of little dramas along the way, like eating a jelly fish on the swim, but still managed to come home in under 14 hours. A great time beating her previous best by an hour, well done Steph!

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